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Our Story


Ideal Weight Loss of Ellensburg is an independent authorized clinic approved by Ideal Protein to promote The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.


Our dedicated coaches provide personalized ongoing support, education and progress analysis on a weekly basis during weight loss and beyond. We have an effective FREE maintenance plan to help our clients keep the weight off and live a new healthy lifestyle. Our highest priority is the health of our patients, so they are advised to check in with their prescribing physician regarding possible medication adjustments within the first 30 days and every 20 pounds thereafter; sooner if symptoms warrant.

We are excited and privileged to help our clients achieve a healthy weight, improve their medical issues, and discontinue costly prescription medications. Over the last 8 years, we have helped our local clients lose 70,000 pounds and 40,000 inches!

Meet The Team

Dr Haney photo.jpg

Byron Haney, MD

Dr. Byron Haney has resided in Ellensburg since 1990 when he moved here with his wife and 3 children to open his medical practice Family Health Care of Ellensburg (now known as CompassDirect Healthcare). Dr. Haney's greatest passion as a physician has always been for preventive medicine. Adding Ideal Protein to his practice as a method for weight loss and disease prevention has been one of the greatest blessings for Dr. Haney & his patients. 


Tami Izzi, RN

Tami is an Ellensburg native, married & raising 3 energetic children. Tami & her husband Matt lost 30 pounds with Ideal Protein 9 years ago & were then inspired to bring the program to Ellensburg in 2010. Ideal Protein combines Tami's love for both health and education. She enjoys leading our coaching team in addition to working as a Registered Nurse and Clinic Manager for CompassDirect Healthcare.  


Mary Saban

Mary was one of the very first clients to complete the Ideal Protein Protocol through our clinic. She lost 25 pounds with us 8 years ago & has been following the Ideal Lifestyle ever since. Mary shares her passion for healthy foods with her husband Mark and adult children. She has been coaching our clients for many years and especially loves teaching the habits necessary for success on maintenance. 


Linda Saltzman

Linda has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, biking across the country, exploring The Grand Canyon, and more. When Linda & her husband Dave retired from pastoring in 2015, she was looking for a new career where she could continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others. As an Ideal Protein coach, Linda now shares her passion for healthy habits with her clients, motivating them them to reach their goals. 


Matt Schoos

After working in the field of interventional cardiology for 5 years where he saw the effects of poor nutrition and obesity, Matt found  himself gravitating towards a career in health promotion, wanting to help clients prevent illness instead of treating it’s effects. Matt has a passion for health education and together with his wife is raising 3 active children. 


Marisa Lukehart

Marisa is our staff nutritionist. She graduated from CWU in June of 2017 with her degree in food science and nutrition. She is engaged to get married this coming year. Marisa credits her mom for teaching her healthy eating habits during her teen years when many others struggle with making the right choices. She enjoys teaching nutrition classes and facilitating maintenance education workshops.