I've maintained a healthy weight for the last 4 years after losing 100 pounds in just 5 months with the Ideal Protein Protocol. I now have the ability to do what I want outdoors and my physical condition no longer holds me back!


What I enjoy the most now that I've lost 112 pounds is waking up every morning, pain-free and deciding if it will be an 8- or 20-mile bike ride before breakfast. And, it is pretty cool to be able to shop at a regular store for the first time EVER.


I now enjoy some the smaller things in life: tying my shoes; buying clothing from regular stores; planning what to eat rather than just eating everything; putting on my socks; sitting in a regular chair; not being stared at for being so heavy; I like ordering at a restaurant & not asking for extra sour cream or extra butter. I like myself a whole lot better.


Ideal Protein gave me clear cut steps for weight loss. The variety of products allowed for individual taste and lifestyle. Weekly coaching was key- providing guidelines, answers, and encouragement. I’m loving not dreading picture time, and having the energy to enjoy time with family and friends in this much healthier “condensed” version of me.



I lost 160 pounds on the Ideal Protein Protocol at Family Health Care nearly 7 years ago and have been living the Ideal Lifestyle ever since. Upon reaching a healthy weight, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in opera. My day job today? Working as an Ideal Protein coach at Ideal Health Centers of NYC!

I lost 125 pounds in 9 months, my knee pain improved, I can now exercise and play volleyball without pain and I feel great! Truly nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!


The program was easy to follow and the coaches were amazing. I learned how to cook right, about portion sizes and combinations for success. I lost 70 pounds by December, 2016 and have kept it off since. I feel amazing! Ideal Protein gave me my life back. 


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